How we work ...
The Full Design Process

Stage 1 - We always start with a no-charge initial meeting with the client at the property. This allows us to discuss the project outline, possible timescales and budgets.  We then follow this up by sending the client a written project proposal.

Stage 2 - Presentation of the concept - including concept boards, proposed layouts, colour schemes and choices.

Stage 3 - Scheme boards are presented and agreed and then the cost plan is produced and agreed.

Stage 4 - The procurement process. The level of involvement is up to the client and they can be as involved as much or little as they want.  If preferred, we are happy to take on all of this for them and to ensure best value, we can source everything and take advantage of trade discounts to reduce costs for them.  

Stage 5 - Installation. The project is organised and managed with regular site visits so that any project or snagging issues are quickly dealt with and resolved. Once installation is complete, we organise for a full clean of the site before installing any soft furnishings, carpets, window dressings.

Stage 6 - Final dressings, presentation and sign off. We ensure all projects are fully dressed and inspected and then presented to the client. Once the client is fully satisfied we sign off the project.  

Our way of working is designed to accommodate our individual client's needs.

We are happy to hold meetings in their home or in our office and timings for meetings can be through the day or on an evening.

  1. Managing Director
    Go big with mirrors
  2. Managing Director
    Divine Dining Scheme
  3. Managing Director
    Champagne romance bedroom
  4. Managing Director
    3d wallpaper
  5. Managing Director
    Heart of Coloured Glass
    Concept board for a family room
  6. Managing Director
    Tv area in a family kitchen
  7. Managing Director
    A glamourous cloakroom - proud as a peacock!
  8. Managing Director
    Family photo display
  9. Managing Director
    Tastes of grey and lemon
  10. Managing Director
    Contemporary lounge
  11. Managing Director
    Home office
  12. Managing Director
    Bedroom Concept Board
  13. Managing Director
    Pre-teen "playroom"
    A room and bespoke stage and mural for a young drummer and Iron Maiden fan.
  14. Managing Director
    40th Birthday Bedroom
    This was done as one of our Celebration Packages and the client was over the moon.
  15. Managing Director
    Lounge Project in Shiremoor
  16. Managing Director
    A quirky cloakroom - Durham
    This element represents the description field.
  17. Managing Director
    Kitchen project - Sunderland
    This element represents the description field.
  18. Managing Director
    Hood Celebration Package
    This element represents the description field.
  19. Managing Director
    Open plan dining room and conservatory - Durham
    This element represents the description field.
  20. Managing Director
    Lounge Project - Shiremoor
    This element represents the description field.
  21. Managing Director
    A head teacher's office
    This element represents the description field.
  22. Work space comfort
  23. Managing Director
    'Bling' Lounge
  24. Managing Director
    Shaker Chic Sleep
  25. Managing Director
    Divine Dining
  26. Managing Director
    Luxury curtains and glamour
    Luxury curtains and bling!
  27. Managing Director
    'Citrus Bling' Lounge
  28. Managing Director
    Design in a Box
  29. Managing Director
    Design in a Box Contents
  30. Managing Director
    Dressing Room Scheme
  31. Managing Director
    Graphic Kitchen Scheme
  32. Managing Director
    Navy and Mustard Family Room
  33. Managing Director
    Bespoke pompom lightshade